GMK Tokyo Nights

The glow of neon. Tight streets packed with bursts of wild colors. A Tokyo night can feel mesmerizing. The lights and sounds of pinging arcades and whipping trains embody the essence of cyberpunk. Transporting you into an advanced, parallel universe.

When the Broshido Gozen woke up in the middle of a busy Tokyo street that night, he was thrown. The streets were bathed in cyan and purple. The Broshido Gozen had never seen neon lights before. Nor has he seen sidewalks or cars. Or the dystopian megastructures that shoot high up into the evening sky... As a powerful feudal warlord, the Broshido Gozen was a beast in battle. But tonight he’s just a man lost in a world unrecognizable to him. As the he steps into the heavy crowd of commuters, entering the dizzying urban sprawl, the Broshido Gozen has one mission — to find his way home.

GMK Tokyo Nights render

This set is inspired by this iconic neon glow, using cyans and purples that sparkle through any given night in this sprawling Japanese metropolis.

If you purchase this set within the first 24 hours, you will be automatically entered into two artisan draws, one for a Broshido Gozen by Bro Caps, the other for a variety of Tokyo Nights themed caps by Nightcaps across all of his current sculpts. These caps will be exclusive to this sale, please click below to purchase.